Inspired by Derek Sivers' NowNowNow page. Last updated 2020-05-22

I accepted a new full-time position in November as a Full-Stack Developer with Greenhouse Software, an onboarding and recruiting software company based in NYC.

Although tough, the interview process at Greenhouse was the most transparent, timely, and respectful that I’ve ever encountered. I figured if this company aims to transform hiring, they had already completely sold me based on my experience; I wanted to be a part of bringing that magic to as many people as possible.

The Greenhouse offices went fully remote in mid-March. Like many people, I am adjusting to my “new normal”: working from home, staying safe, and reaching out to friends and family. I’m trying to stay sane with virtual dance classes from Salsa and meditation/mindfulness exercises.

I am currently vibing to Distance by Yebba, tea by emawk, New Phone, Who Dis? by Cyanca, and Ram On by Paul & Linda McCartney.